Jamaican Jerk Spice



An authentic Jamaican Jerk Spice that is handmade, salt/sugar/additive free with top quality grade ingredients. 

Each package is 115 grams, enough to coat 3 whole chickens.

Unlike other spices that are LOADED with cheap fillers, salt, sugar, corn oil, MSG and ingredients that are not native to the Caribbean, we only use fresh ingredients that are sourced from Jamaica. We make everything by hand in a sanitized environment and pay close attention to every detail along the way.

We smoke our fresh Scotch Bonnet Peppers and infuse them with Jamaican Pimentos which gives them a wonderful savory, smoky taste. We immediately dehydrate them for flavour preservation. We then grind everything in small batches and then seal them in food grade bags and then ship immediately - from our kitchen to yours!